I haven't officially been diagnosed can I be interviewed ?

In MISTAG we believe that the person knows best their own experience. If you consider that you have gone or are going through a mental illness experience and you want to share it don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Do you pay or do we need to pay to be interviewed ?

No, we don’t pay anyone to be interviewed and neither do you need to pay us for it. It is all volunteer and the money we make in MISTAG is what allows us to continue creating more content and to make it grow.

Will I see the interview before you publish it ?

Yes, we will sign a waver of image right before doing the interview and it is stipulated there that you will have 2 weeks to ask for a change in your video before we publish it.

My english is not that good can I still be interviewed ?

Yes, the interview can be in the language you want. We will work afterwards to put english subtitles.

Who will conduct the interview ?

Yaelle is the one who conducts the interviews, she speaks English, French, Spanish and Hebrew. If you speak another language there will be someone with her to translate what she says.

Where in the world do you interview people ?

We travel to different parts of the world to conduct the interviews as much as we can. However if this is not possible right now or if you are not located in the next planed destinations we also conduct interviews online with Skype or Zoom. 


I want to help but I am not a professional

We are always looking for volunteers, there is always something you can do to help. So don’t hesitate and contact us 🙂. 

What do you use the donations for ?

The money we receive from donations is used to pay the travelling fees, the material we need to conduct the interviews and the people working with us.

I want to donate but I don't have Paypal

First, thank you for helping us !

Second, we are still in process of opening a bank account on MISTAG’s name, in the meantime you can transfert us money to Yaelle Halberstam’s account with the next IBAN number: GB70 REVO 0099 7066 2792 07.



We are a company how could we work together ?

There are many ways we could work together.

We can work together to organize an event on mental illness experiences awareness.

Yaelle can also come to give a talk on a specific subject of your choice related to the stigma, cultural differences and psychology.

If you have an idea on how to work together on a specific project we also would love to hear about it.

So don’t hesitate and contact us 🙂. 

I would like to collaborate with MISTAG

Any collaboration related to raising the awareness on mental illness experiences, breaking the stigma or education is something we are always interested in.

This can be to work together on a specific project, to organize an event, to give a speech, to write classes on a specific topic etc.

So never hesitate to contact us, we will answer as shortly as possible.

I want to educate my students on the stigma and its consequences

What a great and important subject to teach your student ! 🙂 

Contact us, tell us exactly what is the topic of the class, who are your students, how long the class should be and we will the see together how and when we can make this happen.