10 Practical Things You Can Do In Self-Isolation or Quarantine

In a global effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19 the health authorities have asked us to self-isolate, self-quarantine and even to socially distance ourselves.

What’s the difference anyway?

Isolation – is for people who already are infected and are asked to avoid contact with others during their recovery, so the chances of spreading the virus are reduced considerably.

Quarantine – its purpose is to restrict the movement of people who may have been exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick. Social-distancing – is proactively avoiding locations or situations where close contact with others may occur, in an attempt to reduce risk of infection.

Ok, so…you’re home, isolated/ quarantined or just proactively not getting out. Now what?

First off…don’t let COVID-19 Isolation Affect Your Mental Health!

Then, you can try some of these activities:

1. Spend time with your loved one (or call them).

Use this time to be with your family or to call them if you are not in the house with them. Call your grandparents, friends, pet your furry (or not) friend, get closer to your roommates, sometimes when we are too caught up in our routine or work to do this, so enjoy, you might have plenty of time now! And well, maybe this is also a time to enjoy under the sheets with your partner if you have one, or to rekindle the flame to your love!


2. Write a journal.

This is to me one of the best things to relieve stress, it increases creativity, helps so much to understand what is going on inside of our heads, it helps us to be organized, to take out of our heads intrusive thoughts and it gives us a sense of achievement when we look at all we wrote.


3. Develop a new skill.

There is so many things we can learn from home. What did you always want to know? You can learn a new language online, you can practice a new dance move or yoga pose you always wanted to know, paintdrawlearn to code, learn about sciencesread about human nature etc. So many options! Thank you the information age :)! And of course you can also practice and improve the skills you are already have.


4. Use this time for your future.

You keep on saying you have this great business idea, you want to change your job, you want to go back to school or whatever it is that is knocking on your head again and again… Now is the perfect time to look into it! To check the things you need to know to do it, to prepare your application, write your business plan, write the first chapters of your book, write your thesis, build your website etc.

5. Be creative.

Craft videos are taking over YouTube these days, maybe it’s time to try some? To see how you can reuse some of the things you have home! Practice your drawing skills, paint, sing, dance, play games with your family or roommates etc.

6. Listen to a podcast.

If you are new to it, you might be in for a new addiction. They are like radio shows but over the internet and you can find a podcast for just about any subject.

7. Netflix (?).

Let’s not lie to ourselves you know you will spend a lot of time watching TV shows, movies and all these funny YouTube videos that will cross your way. Well, why not, after all right now you are actually stuck at home so enjoy! But remember… There are other things you can do that will bring you a better sense of achievement and self-development than binge watching Netflix (or TV, YouTube, Amazon TV… you’ve got the point).

8. Do a virtual tour of museums –

Here is a list of 12 museums you can virtually visit from the comfort of your home.

9. Do nothing.

Let your mind wander and really do nothing. Being bored is great for your brain! It allows it to regenerate, to create new connections, to bring up ideas and it allows stress relief. We are always doing something these days, running from place to place, working late, socializing and too often when we have a moment of free time, we spend it on our phones, computer etc. We are never bored anymore. I am not telling you here to meditate, but to really just sit and do nothing (or walk inside your home if you prefer). It might be hard at first but then it will get easier and maybe after a couple of times, you’ll even enjoy it, you’ll pay attention to things you did not before, realize the plants in your garden do actually smell really good, find your roommate cats really funny when they follow you like this… And maybe then, you’ll enjoy the present moment and think « wow, who knew I could be this type of person who is capable of doing nothing! I need to tell that to X! » but you’ll enjoy the moment so much you’ll even decide to call that person later and keep on doing all the nothingness you’re doing ;).


10. Oh and did I forget to say you could use this time to watch the MISTAG interviews and learn about mental illness experiences? Well if I did, here it comes: you can watch MISTAG videos right here: MISTAG YOUTUBE CHANNEL and of course, subscribe and share ;).

And you? What do you do to best use this time at home? What do you usually do when you’re alone? What new thing would you like to use this time for? Share that in the comments below, or on our social media accounts.

With love,

Yaelle Halberstam

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